Anonymous: I know "comic con" is a catchy and iconic name, but ECCC should consider rebranding for future cons, since so much more emphasis is put on general nerdy pop culture, like movies and TV, rather than specifically comics.


Huh, that’s weird. Pretty sure our name is Emerald City Comicon, not “comic con”. Also, we have always, and continue to be a comics-first convention. If you look at our current guest list, we’ve got about 70 comic guests so far, and we announce more of them than celebrity guests each week.
We appreciate your feedback and criticism, but please take a look at how we actually operate our show before making assumptions about it.

#ECCC needs to keep doing what they are doing. I have friends come to WA from across the USA just because ECCC has the focus on comics still. My house is filled every year 2015 will be no exception.